Cedar Point 2004

The trip was a blast, Bobby took these pictures on Sunday night around 5PM for the twilight rate.
As you will see, the night did not go exactly as planned.

All photo's by Robert Nagy, aka, loopyguy.com

Hurry, we have to get into the park.

I've got mine, lets go...

Appears overcast at CP.

The are running even with a little drizzle in the air.

Can't wait for the ride...

Man, that is a tall ride...

Coaster Enthusiast spotted in line.

Whooosh.... as the car zooms by.

Heck, that drizzle is more sprinkle and they stopped the ride.

...don't blame them, this ride goes 120 mph.

I'm not happy...

Looks like a wash out Coasteron.

No raincoat or umbrella and it is really coming down now.

Even the bugs are trying to stay dry.

We're all that's left in the station hoping the rain will stop.

Even the employee's know how to keep the guests entertained.