Terms & Conditions

The following are Custom Glass Atlanta Inc standard terms and conditions of sale.

1. The intent of this Contract is that Custom Glass Atlanta, Inc., herein referred to, as SELLER will supply mirrors, shelving, shower enclosures, bath hardware, door hardware, or other miscellaneous goods, herein referred to as PRODUCT. Warranties of suppliers and manufacturers, where applicable, will be supplied if needed.

2. This Contract sets forth the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all other oral or written provisions. It may be modified only in writing. No provision of the Contract may be waived, except in written document signed by the party entitled to performance.

3. Custom orders, are not returnable, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever. Buyer agrees that the opening where product(s) will be installed will not be changed in any manner after Seller’s representatives have taken the final measurements. Buyer agrees in the event that opening is changed after measurement; the Buyer shall pay for all additional charges caused by such change.

4. At least a 50% down Payment of the total purchase is required when placing order. Orders under $500 are payable when the order is placed. The balance is due when the order is picked up by Buyer, installed and/or delivered by Seller. In the event that there are minor items left unfinished, 90% payment is expected with the 10% balance due upon completion. All accounts will be considered past due ten (10) days after installation date or first day of notification the order is complete. All past due accounts shall bear interest at the rate of (5%) per month or a $25.00 minimum late fee, whichever amount is greater, from the date due until paid in full. Any check returned will have an additional $25.00 returned check fee added to amount owed.

5. No deductions shall be made from fees payable to Custom Glass Atlanta, Inc. for any reason. Once buyer is notified that product(s) are ready for installation or pick-up, buyers agrees to pick-up or have installation performed within ten (10) days.

6. If buyer refuses delivery and/or installation of ordered product(s), buyer still agrees to pay the balance, in full, of any monies due to Seller.

7. Warranty work will be performed in accordance with the current Warranty Service Statement. Warranty work will not be performed for any buyer owing any monies to seller for this Order or for any other services and/or products.

8. Ownership of all product and services rests entirely with Seller, and titles shall not pass until all monies owed are paid in full. This will apply even in the event that the product(s) have been installed. Seller has the right to remove product(s) from Buyer’s premises if these are not paid for according to terms of this Contract. If removal occurs, Buyer agrees to pay the Seller for all costs incurred in removing the product(s) and/or reinstalling the same. Removal of product(s) by Seller does not reduce or modify in any manner Buyer’s obligation to pay in full; nor is the Seller responsible for any damage done to the Buyers property by so removing.

9. Buyer agrees to clear all surfaces in the area of installation prior to the installation date by removing all obstacles (such as clothing, shelving, hardware, furniture, fixtures, etc.). In the event that the surfaces are not cleared, Seller may clear the same and Buyer shall pay all costs so incurred.

10. Some product will have deductions made in width and/or length, according to standard industry practices. Any installation details not specifically outlined in the Contract will be according to Seller and/or Manufacturer’s current standard practice. Likewise, some imperfections in work that we install on top of may result in imperfections in our work that we cannot be held accountable for.

11. Buyer agrees that they received a copy of the Custom Glass Atlanta, Inc. Service Warranty. Buyer made all Style and Color choices and Seller only made suggestions.

12. Buyer agrees to pay any and all attorneys, court, and/or collection fees for payment on this work order. All agreements and obligations and rights of all parties shall be governed and constructed according to the laws of the State of Georgia. Buyer and Seller agree any legal action by any of all parties to all agreements shall be brought into the court system of Clayton County, GA.

13. Buyer has carefully read and agrees to Terms & Conditions, and the specifications of the Order. Buyer also personally guarantees payment in full for services rendered.

Customer Authorized Signature