Job Ready Policy

Custom Glass Atlanta, Inc. considers the following conditions to be necessary in order to properly measure and order non-stock materials for your new construction project.

  • Sheetrock must be hung
  • Vanities in place
  • Shower surfaces finished
  • Color selections made
  • Cabinets installed if cabinet glass is ordered
Custom Glass Atlanta, Inc. considers the following conditions to be necessary for the proper installation of our products in your new construction project:
  • Vanity Mirrors: Walls must be painted and vanity tops in and secure. Pedestal sinks must be installed.
  • Shelving: Walls must be drywall finished and painted.
  • Shower enclosures: Fiberglass stalls must be secure and plumb to the wall. Tile must be complete and grouted. Marble must be 100% complete. Shower pan must be clean from debris and standing water. Walls that are not plumb may result in additional aluminum charges.
  • Bath Hardware: Wall must be painted
  • Door Hardware: Doors must be painted and hung. Holes must be bored if we are not contracted to do so.

If the project is not ready for installation when it is measured, the order will be held in the production office. A representative from Custom Glass Atlanta, Inc. will contact the builder or his superintendent prior to the scheduled install date to see if the job is ready.

Sometimes we are told the job is ready by a builder or their representative and upon arrival at the job sight we find that it is not. At that point our installer calls the production office and reports what is not ready. Our office then contacst the builder if possible for instruction. If unable to reach a customer representative we will determine if we can install anyway or need to reschedule.

If we need to reschedule a job that is not ready when the installer arrives but was called in as ready for installation that day, a service charge may be assessed. This may be necessary because we have prepared for and gone to the job but, because it is not ready, we will incur additional costs to return to complete it. This is our single greatest cause of waste not only in labor but the possible damage to the product due to loading, travel, unloading and storing it until the job is ready to be returned to for completion. Many builders have found it desirable to forward this charge to the trade (painter, cabinet person, etc) that was the cause of the delay.

Unless otherwise agreed to at time of order, door hardware that we attempt to install on your specified date but are unable to install for reasons other than our own will be left on the jobsite. The customer will be notified of where we have left it. If possible we will also fax notification on the door hardware installation to your office the following day. If door hardware has been ordered to be delivered, the customer must sign for that delivery. If we are told to leave it on jobsite without a signature, Custom Glass Atlanta, Inc. is not responsible for it?s safekeeping.

If not specified to the salesperson by the builder, bath hardware placement will be left to the discretion of the installer. Custom Glass Atlanta, Inc. will also determine the swing of the shower door, unless otherwise instructed prior to installation.